kdesrc-build updated for Gitlab Migration

This weekend the KDE Sysadmins completed the migration of KDE git modules to our Gitlab-based source code management stack as discussed for months now, and recently posted to kde-cvs-announce as a final reminder.

While we did some work in kdesrc-build to set the stage for support for the migration, there were a few changes still necessary to adapt to the new KDE project directory scheme.

kdesrc-build has made those changes this weekend and should be able to handle the Gitlab-based KDE git modules.

However you will likely need to manually update kdesrc-build and then kdesrc-build will be able to handle the rest.

The easiest way to do this is to navigate to the kdesrc-build source directory (where you initially cloned it from git) and ensure that the kdesrc-build origin is properly configured.

If you use the default recommended paths from the Get Involved with Development page then you can make this happen by following these commands:

cd ~/kde/src/kdesrc-build
git remote set-url --push origin     git@invent.kde.org:sdk/kdesrc-build.git
git remote set-url        origin https://invent.kde.org/sdk/kdesrc-build.git
git pull

IMPORTANT The git remote set-url --push command uses a : where the other set-url command uses a / to separate “invent.kde.org” from the “sdk/…” part. If you decide to type this in instead of copy-pasting then be careful of that.

From there, kdesrc-build will be configured to read from the new Gitlab-based git modules. When it next runs, it will update any existing kde: git config prefixes to point to invent.kde.org as appropriate, and also update the git-remote settings for KDE modules automatically since some modules are now found in different locations (e.g. kdesrc-build itself moved from ‘extragear/utils/kdesrc-build.git’ to ‘sdk/kdesrc-build.git’)

If for whatever reason kdesrc-build ends up staying wedged, the easiest way to resolve is probably just to delete the kdesrc-build install (NOTE do not delete any existing kdesrc-buildrc configuration files you may have) and clone it again using the instructions at the Get Involved with Development page.

I hope this helps you all to update your KDE git modules as seamlessly as possible. This should free you of the need to manually run git kclone or git kpull porting aids. As always if you run into bugs please let us know on IRC, on the mailing list or at bugs.kde.org!