Moved to Jekyll

If you can see this, that means that the migration of my blog to Jekyll should be complete. Yay!

WordPress was actually quite good to me and quite easy to maintain and use. As uncomplicated as the Jekyll approach is, aided by its usage of convention to just do the smart thing, there’s still a fair bit of setup and playing around you need to do to get Jekyll sorted out.

But I have to admit I feel better about being able to maintain a less dynamic server footprint to be able to serve up my blog, especially since it’s so completely low-traffic now.

The theme here is Basically Basic, as installed as a Ruby Gem. I’ve disabled the fancy fonts and analytics (all I could find at least).

I’ve tried to ensure all the old URLs don’t break, and even fixed up some stray conversion issues that had come from my last attempt to migrate to WordPress years ago. The RSS feed is now an Atom feed though (hope that doesn’t break your reader).