Screenshot of kfile_spc

Note: This plugin only works for KDE 3 (>3.3). KDE 4 changed their meta data handling to a different system internally which will require porting this code, which hasn't been completed yet.

This is a KFileMetaInfo plugin for reading metadata on SNES SPC files.

SPC files are a sort of music dump from Super NES games. http://www.zophar.net/zsnes/spc/ has a good archive, and you can also try http://www.snesmusic.org/spcsets/.

As far as SPC players go, the choices on Linux are pretty good today. There are quite a few music players listed on the SNES Music SPC players page and at Zophar's Domain.

If you do not use the music players listed on those pages then you can get support for SPC files in any gstreamer-based application, including KDE 4's Phonon applications when you use the gstreamer Phonon backend. The gstspc plugin for gstreamer was written by Chris Lee with some work by myself. It uses the OpenSPC library to add support for SPC files to gstreamers, and is available in the gst-plugins-bad collection (check your favorite package manager).

Unfortunately only the x86 and x86_64 platforms are supported due to the library being coded in assembler for speed. However, recently a different SPC library was developed by Blargg, which uses C++ and already runs on many different platforms. I have been able to integrate into gstreamer. Once I get a patch for it I'll submit it to the gstreamer guys. As far as speed, it's practically identical to OpenSPC in my testing, so maybe they should have just stuck to C/C++ from the beginning. :)