Update 2008-Jul-08: This made it into KDE 3.5 which make this page useless. Either way it has not been ported to KDE 4 yet.

This is a KFilePlugin designed to extend Konqueror's meta info plugins to display meta information regarding the .torrent files used by BitTorrent.

2004-05-22: Kharkoma (kharkoma (AT) telefonica (DOT) net) has submitted a Debian package for v0.6, for the x86 architecture. Download it (36K)

2004-05-20: Released v0.6, which adds no new features. Instead, the code base has been cleaned up and more KDE and Qt libraries have been worked in. The code no longer uses the C++ STL or C++ standard library, so it should compile on more compilers.

2004-02-02: Released v0.5, which includes support for editing the Comment and Name fields of the .torrent files.

If you need help, please feel free to e-mail me.