ELF Library Viewer
Screenshot of library viewer program

This is a program that lists what libraries a given program or shared library links to. Think of it as a graphical ldd program. In addition a text box is included that you can type a library name in. Any library using the searched-for library, either directly or indirectly, is highlighted in red. That way you can determine why your favorite program or library is really linking to a library that you didn't expect.


This program requires Qt 4 and uses the CMake build system. Installation instructions are included in the provided README file. (But basically, it's just mkdir build ; cd build ; cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/where/to/install ; make && make install)

Note:The xdg-utils are used to control the installation of the program metadata that adds it to the program launcher menu in XDG-compliant desktops. If you are installing for the whole system ensure your XDG_DATA_DIRS is set appropriately if necessary.

This is only useful for ELF executables, i.e. the type you would find on a Linux system (and perhaps Solaris, BSDs, etc.).

Finally the readelf program is used to implement the functionality, so it is also required. It was present on any Linux I've ever used but if you don't have it I think it's part of GNU binutils.


Current version: ELF Lib Viewer 0.9 (15.6 K) (Digital signature iconDigitally signed View public key)

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